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WUNT is a community-based, non-commercial radio station in Bureau County whose motivating desire is to participate in the transformation of our community as we work together encouraging unity in the local church.

We believe the many issues we face locally are best addressed together as we build unity within our community of faith.

As a non-denominational ministry, WUNT serves alongside the local church and local faith-based ministries.

It is our goal to help listeners grow into a deeper relationship with Christ in every area of their daily lives and to encourage them to take an active part in building the kingdom of God within our county.

Volunteer Opportunities:

  1. Sponsorship Ambassador – we’re looking for an “underwriting director” to join our team who can maintain and build partnerships in our local business community. Position pays a small commission to help cover costs of the responsibilities of this position.
  2. Hosting a music shift – come be a DJ! We have a wide range of musical styles across our day.
  3. Producing a local program – have an interesting idea for a half-hour or hour long program? Let us know!
  4. Support staff – we’re looking for a variety of technical and skilled volunteers to help with everything from secretarial help to production coordination.
If you’re interested in any of the opportunities listed above, fill out an application and we’ll be in touch. We have one other way you can volunteer:
contact us